song of silence


There was a big storm tonight. It tore through here, alive with brutality and determination. In its wake, there is little left, save for the darkness and this relentless silence that rings in my ears. The echo of now far away thunder is a gentle reminder that the storm may choose to return, still ravenous and craving what it may have left behind.

Tonight’s storm reminds me very much of my life. As I sit still and quiet, things move all around me that chill me to my core. Even so, I do not run away. I sit, watch and wait for the next clap of thunder…for the storm that will finally be my end. During my lifetime, I have weathered so many storms. So many that I no longer bother to fetch my raincoat, so to speak. What good does it do, really? You have to take it off, eventually. Unprotected, you’re left to brace yourself against damage, unseen. Nothing on this earth can save you from that.

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