No, I’m Not An Addict, You Silly Fuck


This post is to all the motherfuckers who want to cop off me and to the pharmacists who treat me like I’m a fucking junkie when I come to drop off my scripts or pick up my meds. Here’s to you, you fucking fucks!

Conversation With A ‘Friend’

“Yo, Elle, do you think I could hit you up for a couple of Watsons? I’m going to a party and I’d like to bring some favors…”

“Oh, you do? And you asked me for what reason?”

“Well because you have all those scripts. You know…because of your arms and shit…(nervous laughter).”

“Ohhhhh…because you think that since I’m not in a wheelchair I am not in pain? Because you can’t SEE it, I must be okay…Gotcha. And, to answer your question: Fuck you! Those are actual MEDICATIONS that help me get by in life. I have a set amount that I can take and I take them to be able to function. You ever seen me high, asshole?”

“No, but I just thought…”

“I tell you what…YOU call the DEA and tell them you need them to lighten up their restrictions so that I can supply you with party drugs. How’s that?”

“Ummmm…So do you know where I can buy some?”

“On the street? Are you fucking serious?”

“My bad..I didn’t mean to…”

“Fuck off, punk ass bitch.”

Every Three Months

I pull up to the pharmacy window. The drawer opens and I drop my prescription into the bin. It’s for a scheduled pain killer called Norco. It is the best thing I’ve found for my pain, thus far.

Pharmacist looks down at the script, “Ma’am…what’s your doctor’s name?”

“It’s Dr. M. You should know me, this is my regular pharmacy.”

“Hold on for a second, please. I need to check this out.”

As I sit in my truck, ‘holding on for a sec’, I feel humiliated. I feel like some junkie. I’m feeling scrutinized as the pharmacist punches my doc and I up on her computer. I think to myself, “Yeah, you’re about to bust a bigtime pill pusher here with my one speeding ticket in ten years. Better call Crime Stoppers!”.

Finally, the pharmacist returns to the window and says, “Okay, Miss H., we’ll have it ready in an hour.”. She smiles and I drive away. As I do, I’m aware of who’s behind me, who may be standing around and if anyone follows me.

When I return to pick up my script, I never go back in the hour. I go at a weird time. I try to pick a time when there won’t be a line and what have you. When I leave, I follow the same routine: Check out who’s in visual proximity…if I’m followed, etc. That’s because pills are really big business and the people involved won’t hesitate to fuck you up for a bottle of pills. What I pay $112 dollars for is worth over $2000 on the street for just that one bottle. Put that in your head.

The people who buy/sell these MEDICATIONS on the street are the reason that people like me can’t just go to the doc and such without being under scrutiny. In the last five years, they’ve shut down hundreds of pill mills in the Houston area, alone. They’ve put doctors on restriction where they aren’t allowed to prescribe scheduled medications and many have been stripped of their licenses and/or done time behind their crooked bullshit.

Due to the general perception that these medications are party drugs, the public at large doesn’t really give a shit if these crackdowns happen. Hell, even I’m glad they happened. But the aftermath is that people who legitimately need serious medication to control their pain are getting the short end of the stick. It’s not right. It is absolutely unfair.

Okay…I think this little outburst is over.

4 thoughts on “No, I’m Not An Addict, You Silly Fuck

  1. I’m on 2 different morphine tabs, Seroquel Valium and medical marijuana. My pharmacist and I have a first name basis. Fortunately, I am a recluse at the ass-end of nowhere! Also, I carry a concealed firearm, in AZ it’s legal w/out a permit. I’m cautious about the meds too. I am sorry for friends like that.

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    1. I take a few pain meds, Norco is the most effective for me. Any type of morphine makes me freak out. I mean…freak out. Lol! I tend to have a lot of bad side effects for some reason. I carry, too. I believe in constitutional carry and refuse to get a license. I hope things are better here in the woods, but there’s a terrible drug problem here. Mostly Meth. I was raised in the Chihuhuan Desert in far West Texas. I miss my desert! I assume your surroundings are much like that.

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