My mind was racing when you laid me low
Your eyes…screamed of…of…

I could not get a bead on what you were thinking
But could feel your heart pound against mine
As you bathed me in the violence of your manhood
Raw and cruel and forceful
I cried, but my tears meant nothing
To you
I was only flesh and bone
Allowed into your world
To satisfy
Your wants
No love match here
A beast and his prey
You and I

Though I sit here tonight
Remembering your hand on my mouth
Squeezing my cheeks as I gasped for air…
Your hot breath whispering terrors into my ear
I cannot help but feel that I have been bested
Taken beyond my limits…taken by surprise…
A player forced into a game that I could not comprehend
Your rules
Your world

My prize:
Ungodly desires ignited
Always and forever yours
Marked in ways that only you and I can recognize
Your face is a fog that hovers
Your voice pulsates through my brain
Each word recalled pushes me closer
To the next place
To whatever lies beyond this life
This flesh
Your flesh
Untouched and unblemished

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