I Think I May Be A Sex Machine


^^^ *Authentic pic of a sex machine’s mouth

I know! It sounds crazy, right? But I’ve been in withdrawals for a little minute now, (meaning about two weeks), and am on the back end of it, so I’m feeling pretty good. Since I have a chronic pain issue, I take pain meds. One of those medications really numbs me out in every conceivable way. For certain reasons, I stopped taking that particular medication and am experiencing a bit of an…awakening.

Awakenings are strange things. It’s like when someone comes out of a coma…ya just don’t know what’s gonna pop out. Okay, in all fairness, I’ve personally only been in alcohol and/or drug related comas, but that was just my body telling me that someone needed to throw me into a cold shower once the convulsions stopped. Good times…The thing is, I never knew what I might do once I came back to myself. Same as now. I feel creative and mentally sharp and alive. And like I could sleep with a ship full of sailors. As long as there was no actual sleeping involved. (wink, wink!)

The dilemma: I’m separated from my husband, with whom I still live. He does not agree that we are, in fact, separated, insisting that our marriage is totally salvageable. Believe me, it’s not. Our problems would fuck Dr. Phil’s head up. This has been going on since I left him four years ago.  I came back for financial reasons and because I love my Exish. He’s family. He’s a friend. He’s my oldest…and I do mean OLDEST…son. Anyway, I can’t date. I’m in no condition to date. But I feel very…vavavoom hubba hubba. I am woman, hear me roar! Ya dig?

Maybe the real problem is that, in the last week, I’ve probably slept a total of a dozen hours. This is the part of withdrawal I hate. First, the pain sets in like a mofo, not letting you get a bit of sleep. This part doesn’t really seem very withdrawally, since it happens all the time when you have chronic and severe pain in your life. It’s like a bad boyfriend. Then, even on nights like this one, when you feel fairly good, your body just wants what it can’t have. (I’m talking about pain pills, not sex in this instance. Just to clear that up.). Then there’s the wrestles leg thing, and the headache that just won’t go away even after your stomach lining up and hauled ass to get away from all the ibuprofen you’ve been choking down. I honestly couldn’t say.

But, what if…just what if…I am turning into one of those old ladies whose sex drive kicks way off into high gear in middle age. Okay…LATE middle age. But what if???? That would be so weird. I couldn’t possibly have more sex than I used to. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Hmmmm…Maybe I should go to the doctor. Have myself plugged up, just to be on the safe side. They do that in America, right? I’ll look into that. Or not…

Okay…yeah…I’m not gonna do that last thing…

5 thoughts on “I Think I May Be A Sex Machine

  1. I had to laugh this morning at your writings.I hope you don’t take that the wrong way, It’s just that I understand your feelings on the subject matter. I think we ladies of a certain age do become “awakened ” at a certain point in our lives & unfortunately usually don’t have anyone to “help out” with the situation. Been there, so I get it. I am married to a wonderful man, but alas he has diabetes & you probably know what that does to their sex drive ….. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you except for get a “bob” or otherwise known as battery operated buddy,lol.


  2. Older women, as in middle aged women, are insanely horny. Most women in their 40’s are horny beyond belief. I have some female friends in their 40’s and they tell me that they masturbate to orgasm every day. Also a lot of women are still inhibited nowadays. I have known women who did not start to shed their hangups until they were 40 or so. I find that women age 40-52 are very relaxed about their bodies and about sex. They are ok with it. They know what they like and what they don’t like and they are not afraid to ask for it. You can actually talk to them about sex without them getting all weird about it like so many young women do.

    I will roll through a list of perverse acts and ask her if she would like to try that with me. Mostly they just smile and say, “No thanks, that just does nothing for me, sorry.” They don’t flip out like young women. “WHAT!!!!??? YOU WANT TO PISS ON ME!!!??? YOU SICK FUCK SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!” Older women just smile and say no thanks or thanks for asking. Part of the reason is that by the time a woman gets to be 50, I hate to say it, but the ones I meet have been pretty much done it all. Slept with another woman? Check. Done a 3 way with 2 guys? Check. Wait, multiple checks. And when it comes to kinks, they haven’t tried them all, but they have tried most of them. And you would not believe how perverted women of that age are. A lot are insanely kinky.

    And if they are into it, they want to try it. They often have new things they want to try and you are the first one they want to experiment on. A lot of them want to do it all the time, like 3, 4, etc. times per day. I have had women that age tell me, “You can fuck me anytime you want!” Wow, how many men hear that. Many have gotten very good at having orgasms and a majority seem to be able to have multiples, 3, 4, 5 or more.

    From 40-52, their bodies still look pretty good if they take care of themselves. I have been with 48 year olds with the bodies of women in their 20’s.

    I do not know what it is with women this age nowadays, but it seems like they are trying to compete for men. Well, most of the good guys are history and they are fighting over whatever decent is left. I have met them on dating sites and they very quickly rattle off all of their kinks and skills. “Ok look, I give better deep throat then 99% of women out there. I take it up the ass sometimes. You can tie me up and handcuff me. And I like it kind of rough.” Each one has a list of kinks and it is like they are trying to out-perv each other. I must say to be a man in this age bracket is sort of like living in paradise.

    Comparatively speaking, young women are just hung up. A lot are very weird about sex and freak out if you talk about it. They push-pull a lot. “I want you to fuck me!” No wait. “Get your hands off me you creep!” Like that. Bull. A lot are not ok about their bodies and their inhibitions are legendary. They won’t perform oral sex. They won’t let you go down on them. WTF!? They need lube sometimes because they are not turned on enough. A lot are dealing with painful sex issues of unknown etiology. They don’t want to do it with the lights on. They can’t have an orgasm, or can only have one when they masturbate. A lot are not ok with their bodies either.

    After menopause, their sex drive sometimes vanishes and there can be issues with painful sex, bleeding during sex, etc. But they take all of this in stride. And a lot of times, even when they have zero sex drive, they still accommodate you and do it with you anytime you want to! How thoughtful!

    So anyway, all I want to say is that older women, at least age 40-52 or so, are a sexual paradise as far as I am concerned. They are a very underrated sexual destination. More men should travel to these exotic locales.

    Not sure if this comment will be banned due to all the nasty language, but really this is just a glorious paean to the glories of the older woman.

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