A Short Observation About Being A Strong Person


When you are labeled as a strong person, the implications of that label tend to go one of two ways. 1) People admire you and follow your leadership. 2) You are assigned to take the brunt of what comes along and people cling to you like a drowning person clings to their savior.

Most often, Option 2 takes effect, and people in your life cling to you until they pull you down under with them. You’re a solid thing in a frightening abyss that they can leverage against and climb up on until they can breathe again. You, on the other hand…you are left to drown. BUT, because you really are a strong person, you adjust…you learn to breathe under water. You do it so much that you can’t even remember what a fresh breath feels like. Though you grow weary of the weight on your shoulders, you bear it, because you know that everything depends on you and your strength.

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