21 things you do if you’re terribly disorganised….

If you are one of the disorganized masses, read this! Too funny!

A Girl In Europe

Ironically this is a list something us unorganised folk fail to do…

1) You’re clothes don’t exactly have an order, and you have engineered a fully functioning ‘floordrobe’ into your bedroom.

2) when you were a kid, your letters always were left in your tray until summer when it was then you realised you had to have quite a few return slips to hand back in October.

3) you drive organised people absolutely mad when they see your folders/PC files/ under your bed.

4) You’re so used to forgetting things on a morning, you schedule in an extra 5 minutes to panic find things.

5) You make strong claims that you ‘must have never gotten a sheet’ it’s a lie, it’s sat on your desk right where you forgot it this morning.

6) You describe your bag as an ‘organised chaos’ and laugh but really you know it’s just a…

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