Country Livin’

3e4d33fb-c7d4-477a-8bb6-56efa9a604df_zpse7e9a16a(1)                                                          Our Silly Girls, Pepper and Jez

A couple of evenings ago, as Exish and I were piddling around the house, our dogs began to bark. Nothing new, they bark at lots of the critters that come and go around here on a daily basis. I glanced out the window to see a HUGE blonde dog nose to nose with our old girl, Pepper. She had her hackles up, but was wagging her tail…you could tell she was smitten. Jez, our other dog, was slowly milling about, barking at the air, I guess.

A minute went by when a red truck appears at the end of the driveway. Obviously, they were our visitor’s owners. They called to their dog, to no avail. So…they pulled on up. Exish had Jez restrained, but couldn’t get a hold of Pepper. As soon as the red truck stopped, Pepper was in full-on guard mode. She approached, planted her front feet, bared her teeth…hackles up…the whole nine. In spite of all this, that idiot starts to open the door and stuck a leg out of his truck. Pepper slowly began to advance. I yelled at the top of my lungs for him to get back in the truck. Not once. Not twice. This genius needed to be told three times that the dog who was obviously posing a threat to his well being was, in fact, a threat to his well being. Good GAWD. I just tugged at his big ol dog’s neck a bit and he sauntered over to the tailgate of the truck and hopped in. His owner seemed pissed off and left abruptly. (Nice to meet ya, neighbor!). I guess he was put off by the fact that we have a man eating dog.

Pepper came to us when she was about a year old. During her first year, she had been kept in the yard on a run, or in the house, all of the time. She was never socialized to anyone outside of the young man who owned her. He fed her the best food you can get…kept her bathed and what not…but he just did not have enough time in the day to walk her or otherwise expose her to other animals and people. We had her brother, Rukus, already, so we were happy to take Pepper in.

Something about both of these dogs, (both Pit mixes), is that they were both naturally aggressive.  That simply means that they were born that way. I love working with aggressive dogs, but have always recognized that there is no ‘cure’ for the naturally aggressive animal. There just isn’t. But I did start working with Pepper and she took very well to the love and attention she received along with her training. However, she never accepted anyone outside of our immediate family. And, if someone she knew, like my grandfather, were to just walk in without knocking, she’d hold them in the hall until I got there. But if I opened the door to them, she treated them like royalty.

Rukus and Pepper were the last two survivors of an entire litter of very aggressive dogs that were all putdown by Age 1. In time, Rukus would turn on me. Some time later, we had him put to sleep. While I was proud of Pepper yesterday for protecting us, as she saw it, I am worried that she could actually attack someone one day. We had considered having her put down before moving up here to Bigfoot country. We just couldn’t. Everyone around here has dogs that will take your ass down, but I would just die if our dog really hurt anyone. Never mind the legal responsibility.

For Now, I’m just gonna put signs up. And I hope that idiot neighbor bitches about Pepper to everyone he knows. Other people have pulled up and had the good sense to wait for us to restrain Pepper before getting our of their trucks or off their tractors. lol! Yep…tractors. I guess we’ll see what happens. But I’m telling you…I feel safe with Miss Pepper on the job. Fo sho.

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