Word Vomit. But Just A Little.

So, in a hideous fit of lonliness/curiousity, I purchased a one month membership to Alt.com. Thus far, I am absolutely nonplussed. I think that I’m not ready for that much kink. And, since I am not showing any of my naughty bits on profile, traffic is a bit slow on my profile. I do like FetLife. Although, I did get a message from a young man who claimed to be twenty seven, but who I am pretty certain was all of fifteen.

I’m beginning to make changes in life. Many of these changes lead me back to my old self. She was much different than I. She would have crossed a street to avoid me, now. Damn…she was a real bitch. But, I digress…

Exish left for the job this afternoon. I don’t know why I can’t wait for him to leave, but when he does I miss him. I will say that it’s much easier to love him when I’m not in the same room with him. And, in spite of what he says, we are separated. I have a right to a happy life. And, I have nothing to feel bad about…I did my part and I did my best. He did not. That’s not my fault.

4 thoughts on “Word Vomit. But Just A Little.

  1. Ok, now. …clean up the vomit, and listen!lol jus’ funnin’…I actually thought about matchmaking sites. Couldn’t afford them! So, I actually STOPPED looking, and that’s when I found Debbie. Do be careful. 15 will get you 20, as they say…I’m not much on matchmaking, or relationship advice. Three divorces! I have little room to talk about that, huh? I’m glad you and your exish get along still. Sending you positive healing vibes from the universe. ❤💪😆

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    1. You know…the stupid thing is that I’m really not looking. I’m not ready, in any way, for a relationship. But I was chatting with someone on a game site the other day and I remembered what it was like to have a connection with someone and just got so lonely. Plus, I’m 48, in pain, and hormonal. Not good hormonal. Menopause Hell hormonal! lol! Oh, shit, man…
      Have a beautiful evening in your desert. I miss mine! Big hugs! (But not too squeezy so they don’t hurt!) 🙂

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