The Charlie Charlie Challenge: Millions of Idiot Youths are Summoning A Mexican Demon Into Their Homes

Wonderful…yet another thing for jackass kids to get into. Because drugs and sex just aren’t quite enough.



Well, it doesn’t look like the Internet is making people any smarter. And judging from Charlie Charlie it seems to be making them terminally dumb.

Only idiots would purposely invite a demon into their home.

The Charlie Charlie Challenge was allegedly invented by Mexicans. I can believe it. Mexicans are obsessed by demons. I’ve written about Santa Muerte worship. She’s a demonic version of the Virgin Mary that Mexicans in south Texas are crazy about because she’ll bring you money. Or so they believe.


I’ve stitched together this post from two sources and added a video so you can see what the excitement’s about.

I’m not sure whether I believe in demons, but why take a chance at having one do a home invasion upon your invitation. Stay away from this nonsense is my advice.

Those who claim to have seen the mysterious figure from the latest…

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