Feelin Quite Dixie Today

reb2I don’t know what it is about today, but I’ve just been feeling extremely Southern. I feel blessed to be from Texas, the very heart of Dixie as far as I’m concerned. Oh, Hell…as far as I’m concerned, Texas is the heart of everything.

Being a Southern woman means a lot of things. To me, it means that you face adversity with grace and determination. It means that hearth and home are Priority 1, and that you realize that true feminism is not found in some convoluted political agenda. Southern women never needed a Gloria Steinam to tell us who we were…are…will be. Feminine strength is in our DNA.

When Lincoln unleashed Hell on the South, he promoted Total War philosophy. His henchmen…or, troops, if you want to give them that credit, laid waste to everything they could. They raped the women, burned the fields and houses. They were pillagers, not soldiers. There was no honor in what they did. When they finally left, our ancestors were lucky to have a scrap left to eat. That’s why certain foods, like black eyed peas, are eaten on New Years Day in the South. They are considered good luck, because that’s all the Union Huns would leave behind. Things we fed pigs. I, for one, refuse to eat those things. I honor the suffering of my Confederate ancestors in my own way, thank you very much.

As I look out of the window, I see land that was settled way back when…well…you staked your claim and called it a day, basically. It’s been in Exish’s family since long before the War of Northern Agression and, when the time came, many of the men volunteered to fight for the Confederacy. A few of them are buried in the cemetary just down the road. I pass the cemetary every time I go to town and, each time, I am reminded of the blood shed to fight for the simple right of soverenty. The right for each state to determine what is right and wrong within its own borders. It was a simple as that.

I am so tired of the Lincoln myth. He is regailed and the Great Emancipator. He should be remembered as the tyrant he was. Mentally ill, by many accounts. He disregarded the U.S. Constitution as often as Obama does. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves as a strategic measure of war. Peroid. He had no love for the slaves. Many times he was quoted as saying they were not like other humans. Furthermore, at the time he freed the slaves, they were mostly free, anyway. We were getting the Cotton Gin and slaves were no longer needed.

When I hear black people going on and on about what they’re owed for the work their ancestors did, they should consider the fact that not all white Southerners owned slaves. Owning a slave was an expensive proposition. You had to keep them strong in order for them to be healthy enough to work. That is not to say they were coddled, and it’s true that their living conditions weren’t ideal. But I will say that they fared much better than most white sharecroppers of the day. At least slaves were guaranteed room and board.

In any case, if blacks want money for work they are separated from by generations, I’d like to suggest that I, too, would like to benefit from the work my white forefathers did to build this country. And, per my ancestors who owned slaves, I think it only fair that the receipients of reparations reimburse me, and other whites, for the cost of upkeep on their ancestors. Note: MANY Southern whites would end up getting two checks, should that occur, since so many of us are decendents of slaves. Put that in your lil hat, Al Sharpton. According to the One Drop Rule, I’m as black as they get. So….suck on that!

And, for people who think that slavery was exclusive to the South, think again. There were as many in the north. Oh, and, by the way, here is Anthony Johnson, the first legal slave owner in the good ol U.S.A.


Mr. Johnson first arrived here as an indentured servant, much like many of the ancestors of whites in this country. Unlike most, he did eventually come to purchas human beings legally and use them as slaves. And that pretty much sums it up.

Ahhh…I think I’ve gotten enough off my chest for one day. No, I’m not a historian, nor do I care to be. But there is some downright bullshit going on in this country and so many fingers pointed towards whites as the problem. Slavery is cited, on a near daily basis, as the cause of blacks rioting in the street. We are all racists and bigots and nothing we can say or do, if one cares enought to try, (which I do not), will make anyone of any color feel differently. The white male has been targeted specifically for decades now. The list goes on. If it keeps up, whites will have as many grievences as blacks and maybe we’ll decide to go buck wild. Who knows? Ironically, if that were to happen, it would be at the pleasure of the Great Taupe Hope, who sits in the White House, pretending to be President.

Lawdy, Lawdy…what we gonna do ’bout this mess?

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