Mr. Nice Guy Don’t Like Me No More


So, the dating site cancellation seems to be an issue. I have tried over the last few days to deactivate my account, to no avail. I did end up meeting a very nice man. We texted and talked for a couple of days. Then I got really boozed up night before last and haven’t heard from him since. I probably told him I love him, or some such thing as that. lol! I initially was only going to have a little alcohol to enhance the effect of the Klonopin I take. I have a problem with tachycardia. For some reason, Klonopin stops it. Anyway…I felt the symptoms coming on, took three Klonopin and nothing happened. It kept getting worse. So, I slugged down some whiskey. Then a bit more…and then the whole bottle.

That, in a nutshell, is why I rarely drink. I can drink straight booze like most people drink their sweet tea. I’m not proud of it. It’s just how I am. The Humiliation Factor, (that weird feeling you’ve done something horribly inappropriate when you wake up the next day), normally keeps me in check. But, again…I didn’t start drinking just to be drinking. Shit. I just suck sometimes. Everybody does. Okay…some of us more than others. Still…that’s not reason to stop talking to someone. You’d think that, since we are both adults, Mr. Nice Guy could at least give me a one-liner to let me know why he stopped talking to me.

Yes, I know I said before that it felt like I was cheating by just being on that site. But it didn’t feel that way with this man. I don’t know why. But I deleted all his info from my phone…number, address, pictures. I have messaged him on the site only, to ask him what happened, but have received no reply. It’s all good. I’ll forget he even existed in the next few weeks. I guess that’s sort of a perk of being disconnected.

Well, I’m going to get some things together for the laundry tomorrow. I left my washer and dryer at the old house, thinking I would just get new ones, or that going to the laundry would be a great reason to go to town. Wrong on both counts. So, until the rest of my stuff is moved up here, I’ll be at the laundry with the tired moms and screaming kids. Hell yeah! Good times! lol!

PS…Since I could not seem to get my account deactivated, I put the worst pic of myself  that I could manage on my profile. I figure that’ll stop the whole deal. I ain’t nothin nice to look at. lol! I didn’t like doing it, and it’s the only real, untouched pic of me I’ve put on the net since being stalked for four years a while ago. I never put a pic of myself up that someone on the street would recognize as me. Anyway…desperate times call for desperate measures!

3 thoughts on “Mr. Nice Guy Don’t Like Me No More

  1. Don’t be despairing of yourself. You’re better than that. I say, just wait and before you know it or realize that you were looking for it, it’ll fall in your lap. I was 48 when I found Debbie. 💪💛🌟stay strong sister! ❤

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    1. Thank you. But I have to take the hit on this one. I’m sure I came off with some weird stuff! lol! After a whole bottle of whiskey, I am definitely at a loss to know what that may have been! lol!!!!!
      Big gentle hugs, Bro!

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