This is an article from two days ago. It sickens me, as a devout native Texan, that the Waco PD, along with the powers that be, are doing this to AMERICANS. I’m not shocked by it, considering the Branch Davidian situation in which they conspired with the feds to kill over 80 men, women and children back in ’93. It is shocking that they think they can get by with murdering 9 men in broad daylight.

I’m not saying that outlaw bikers are above reproach. They are criminal organizations who push dope and prostitution on a very wide scale. However, I am from Bandido country and most of us love our Bandits. My grandfather was a Bandido back in the day, and my brother was a prospect, but decided against going through with things. In short, they have always been a fly on my personal wall and I cannot stand the fact that they were singled out to be killed by a police department that is not better than Mexican Federales. Waco police are obviously for sale or rent. Take your pick.

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      1. Thanks sister-star🌟,every life I touch, even for a moment, I receive a touch in return. Thusly, every night this atheist goes to bed feeling touched by many people in spirit and I sleep without remembering any of my nightmares. This is how I’m finding my peace. In helping others find theirs.

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