memories of you scatter like these rain clouds in my drought ridden mind
i go blank at the very thought of your touch
what it meant
who i became when we existed, skin to skin
years later, i smell you in the night…taste you in my dreams…experience you
eyes open, you are never here
never will be
were never meant to be

5 thoughts on “untitled

      1. lol! You don’t think I wrote any of that!
        Here’s one old blog…not terribly old: http://thedarknessisapatientthing.com/
        I did have a poetry site that expired, which was thelaughingcruella.com, there may be some random pages scattered about on the net.
        I also had an old blog called Happy Freakin Snappy. Very little on it.
        Years ago, I owned the domain Feminatrix.com, which was a successful poetry site. I shut it down because I was worried my stalker would be able to track me via my site.

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      2. Try going to facebook.com/groups/poetryoriginals this is where you can post your poetry. Just use a nòm dė plume. I am the only poster now. If you’re interested. In the meantime I will check out the link! ❤✌


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