Judas Priest…Yes, Please!

Am I the only one who sort of feels sorry for The Sentinel? I mean…damn!

Not just the band, but THE MAN, Mr. Rob Halford, have had a huge influence on my life. I love their music. But, particularly, I love Rob Halford and his openness. I think he’s the best frontman in rock history. In a recent interview, he spoke of fear that his voice was not quite as good as it once was. And, in more recent live videos, you can definitely see a change, more than you can hear one. It seems to take much more out of him…that voice. But, to me, he’ll always be the best. If he sings half as good now as he did in his youth, he is still outdoing the best today’s bands have to offer.

My youngest son and I were talking recently about what a long shadow Pantera has cast over the modern music scene. They are the Gold Standard to a great many of us metal heads. But their primary influence was Judas Priest. So…that shadow has an even larger shadow behind it. That’s the kind of band Judas Priest is. Like Pantera, they’ll never be forgotten. Their place in rock is unshakable, and always will be.

One thought on “Judas Priest…Yes, Please!

  1. Rush! Geddy Lee as frontman! 🎼🎶 Judas Priest is ok with me. Not my faves is all. Always did like “You got another thing comin'” and “Breakin’ the law”!


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