There Ain’t No ‘Splainin This One, Lucy

Where were you? When was it me?
A hollow paw, a quiet stare
Drain is slowly, the flow of birth
Eat the after(birth) and satiate the claw-rise

The dumb ones rise to salute the queer
Another dreary (outlook), people fearing
Dick the system, screw the city
Forget you were, forget you were
Die when you can do no more damage


There is no doubt that Superjoint Ritual sucked beyond all measure. But this song…I just fucking love it. Don’t know why. I mean…the! WTF???? When I watch this video, I am reminded of the little freaks that occupied my garage while Youngest was on drugs. At almost any hour of the day or night, you could walk out there and see almost the exact scene being played out. It was unnerving. But, when the guys were just high enough…or not high enough?…they’d make noise that was so good that even I couldn’t be mad at them. It’s a shame all that talent was wasted on dope.

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