Butthurt Conservatism, Inc. Claims Term “Cuckservative” is Motivated by White Supremacy

Nail, meet Hammer.



Conservatives who support “comprehensive immigration reform,” appeals to black and Mexican voters in the belief that nonwhites are natural conservatives, and who do nothing for the white race are sometimes called RINOs, Republicans in name only.

But a new term has gained popularity, “cuckservative.” It’s a combination of cuckolded and conservative. Matt Lewis, a conservative, objects to the use of the term.


White anger toward cuckservatives is strong and growing. Meanwhile conservatives claim the term is racist. Cuck porn often shows a white man whose wife is having sex with a black male, with the white man being forced to watch and enjoy the sight. The white man has been cuckolded.

Cuckservatives sit and watch as the white race is exterminated, while cozying up to nonwhites and liberals, fearful of being called racists.

Here is some of that disgust with cuckservatives at the Daily Caller.

In response to Matt…

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