fantasy on a monday afternoon

red-1you belittle me, thinking that it puts me in my place

you yell so that i will not miss a word

you ignore me so that i will disappear

and i despise you

because i can

while i’m gazing in your direction

as you go on and on

filling the air with the noise of you

i may look blank

i may even smile

but a bomb is going off behind these eyes

though my hands are politely folded in my lap

as you ‘mickey mouse’ things to me

oversimplifying so that my silly self can understand

the genius that is you

in my mind, my hands are clenched

around your throat

your face, red, as you gasp

breaking out into a sweat as, finally, you fall to your knees

at last, red gives way to blue as i blissfully finish the job

as i come back to myself

after bathing in this fantasy, divine

your mouth is still moving

hands flailing

and you’re still explaining

whatever it was

that was so important

i maintain my composure

my pose,  unchanged

as i take it all in

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