hokus pokus, my love…my dear

20150729_010739blood by blood, i bind you

it is the will of the Fates that i find you

 because of the will of the Three

my spirit cannot leave you be

so i will concoct a gentle potion

of laughter and love and true devotion

with angel’s breath and silky twine

night by night, i’ll make you mine

the shadow of fear crosses your face

as your realize you can’t win this race

it’s alright, sweetness, run from me

just know that i’ll come back for thee

each and every single time

for i am yours and you are mine

it was written long ago

of the seeds of love that we shall sow

one to another and back again

eternity’s last day will not see our end

know this truth

blessed be

in time, my love, you’ll belong to me

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