What Fresh Hell Is This?

I moved here…the country…from a refinery town. Back home, there’s all kinds of crap in the air, mostly benzine. There’s a pollution ring and car exhaust and all manner of disgusting things just waiting to be breathed into the lungs of the toiling masses. Never, once, did I have issues with allergies. Never.

Here, in the country, there is air that you can’t see or taste. There is little traffic or noise and there are trees at every turn. It’s beautiful. But every morning, it takes at least two hours of allergy pills and cough syrup before I can breathe. Then there’s the asthma. Holy shit…I never understood why people with allergies bitched about them so much, until we moved here.

Today is another pain day. I almost never have two in a row. Not where the second is as bad as the first. I hurt too bad to sleep well last night. Shit…just insert various and random bitch and moan words here.

I’m gonna try to get things done today. I just got new draperies and can’t wait to hang them. Yeah!

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