I’m tired. Not because of major hard work. Lazy tired. After two pain days, this has been a great day. Except I have yet to get into the state I need to be in so that I can focus. My brain is basically a No Fly zone for any type of organized thought. It’s ridiculous. Although, I did manage to replace a light bulb and moved two candlesticks and a Buddha carving. But it’s only two things, really, since I moved the Buddha thing and the candlesticks in one trip.

My old computer won’t turn on, so I ordered a new one. QVC Easy Pay. Yep…impulsive. But it’s all I need and a good price. So there ya have it. It’s past time to upgrade, anyway. But I’m gonna miss the old one. I get emotionally attached to inanimate objects, sometimes. I name everything. My truck is Broomhilda, my gun is Margaret, my little gun is Joe. The list goes on, but I won’t burden you with all of that. And, yes, the old comp had a name. It was Billy. Was. He’s gone now.

I discovered that Billy was gone when I went to sign on and try to totally delete myself from a couple of dating sites. I have gotten more than a few unsolicited pics of the…members…of some of the male members of a couple of sites that I had posted my email address on. My bad, totally. I just wasn’t thinking.  But, I did start doing something that gives me a lot of laughs and teaches a good lesson, too. When I get one of those pics, I send back one that I saved and ask them how they think theirs stacks up against mine. Lol! Seriously,  this thing looks like a fire hose. I’m sure it came off a porn site somewhere. Maybe it was reanimated from dinosaur days. But, I tell ya what, it gives em the cure for sending those pics. I bet they never talk to another female online again! If they message asking for a pic of my boobs or something, I send the pic with a note…If you think you’d like my boobs, you’re gonna love my dick! Lol! Omg…too fun! Ah…teachable moments…

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