A Woman Who Never Existed

You ask me how I face the silence
Day after day in this bucolic ever after
You are surprised when I say that the solitude suits me
And that, more often than not, it appears to me as a friendly face
In my personal sea of forgetfulness
I realize that the answer you seek
Is contained in a part of me you never knew
That is the part of me this is alone in this world, today and every day that has come before it
It is a motherless daughter
It is a terrified child
It is a woman who, at last, does not need your approval
Or your presence
That is not to say that I don’t love you
I most assuredly do
It is only meant that I don’t need you here
To hold you close
I’m okay that I’m here
And you are there… wherever that may be
But don’t think me queer should I choose to abide in my shroud of solitude
Remember me as you will
But consider the fact that you are not worthy to judge
Leave me to my silence
Allow me to give it the life it so richly deserved
As it guarded my heart from deep within
So that I could be that woman that you remember
A woman who never truly existed


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