This, That, The Other…

Today is a lonely day, for some reason. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t sleep last night. Though it took some doing, I finally got my pain med that I’ve been needing. I felt too good to sleep, really

Last night, I started a YouTube channel. It’s about weight loss and related issues. I’m not sure if it’s gonna fly, but I’m going to keep on doing it to motivate myself. When I looked at channels with the same key words, there were lots of motivational speakers and doctors and snake oil salesmen already there to attend to anyone on a diet, so I’m not sure that I can add anything to the subject. Still, it was sort of cathartic to show my face and some of my tattoos and not be in any fear over it. I hadn’t realized how long a shadow my stalker, Kyle, had cast until recently. I’ve been so afraid to put any image that could be easily used as an identifier on the web that I have probably only posted two truly recognizable images of myself in…ten years? Even though I won, in the end, I don’t need another Kyle in my life. But the odds are in my favor that I’ll never have another, thankfully. And, if I ever did, I’d take care of it much quicker this time. Four years is a long time to live with that type of fear. And it’s a long time to have to put up a brave front against such a formidable opponent.

My cat, Chubby, aka Lil Bastard, has lost his damn mind. He is a constant source of irritation to my 19 year old calico, Cocoa. His bullying of her has moved on to flat-out attacks. He’s drawn blood more than once now. All Cocoa does is sleep. Back in her day, she’d have put a serious hurt on Lil Bastard, but she’s simply not up to it these days. This morning, I hear her yowling from the kitchen. Lil B was so involved in his attack that he didn’t even realize I was coming, even though I was yelling for him to stop. I grabbed him and tossed him in the bathroom and slammed the door. He promptly began to throw himself against the door and was making this guttural, and very loud, sound. It was actually quite frightening. I let a good hour pass before I even checked on him, for fear that he’d be ready to pounce if I cracked the door open. When I was satisfied that he had calmed down, I went in and he was sound asleep on some clothes in the hamper. Sweet as can be…purring and happy. Since his release, he’s been a good boy and has left Cocoa alone. I just don’t know what I’m going to do with him. I don’t believe in having cats declawed, but even if I did, you can’t have their teeth removed, and that’s his go-to thing. And, when he bites, he really bites. If an animal is just bad, you can train it out of them. But, if they’re naturally aggressive, there’s nothing you can do about it.  I just hope he changes his ways before he gets much bigger, or he’s gonna have to nite nite outside with the coyotes and wolves, that’s all I know.

Well, time to go check the mail. It’s 104 outside today. I’m so glad I don’t have to work out in that mess!

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