i feel so fucking lonely today

wishing i hadn’t run across that song

wishing i could stay on my diet

wishing i hadn’t had that whiskey with breakfast

chips and meds do count as breakfast, right?

i’m in a ‘fuck this shit’ mood

on a ‘need to get shit done’ day

i’m exhausted

but i know i spent the night in bed

though i don’t recall sleeping much

since childhood, i’ve often lingered throughout the nights

in that place between sleep and wakefullness

neither here, nor there

aware of everything going on around me

with one toe in dream filled waters

it’s how you learn to sleep

as a child living in abject chaos

when you never know when shit’s gonna jump off

it’s how you protect yourself

it’s how you know when that ol Boogey Man

is making his way to your bedroom door

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