my bed of broken glass

flamesi lie down on a bed of broken glass
too hardened by life to notice
and i toss and turn during fituful sleep
no rest for the weary, no soul to keep
then you come along and lift me up
strong arms hold me close
you brush me off and tend my wounds
scratches and cuts and those unseen
in that moment, i trust you
hoping that it’s the beginning of a new day
the dawn on a new season of my life
even so, caution prevails
i wait until the time that you sleep
and i leave you lying peacefully in the night
amongst the pillows and comfort that you created for me
i start to run away
and i run and run, never looking back
when i become tired of it all, again
i find my bed of broken glass
i lie down and curl up
because i trust the shards and the slivers
more than i could ever really trust you
they are what they are, and that will not change
but you, with your love and care
your gentle sincerity
oh, please…
thank God i got away
before my wounds were refreshed
and bleeding again
because nothing changes
no thing can contort and so horribly twist
like the face of love

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