Ouch x Infinity

Pain days are getting much more frequent and severe lately. I keep thinking it’s something I’m eating. Maybe the trail mix I am eating to wean myself off of candy. I don’t know. But I can’t take it. Which makes me a lil bitch because so many other fibro folks have it so much worse.

Been under a tremendous amount of stress lately. Maybe that’s it. My cat died…Exish will be home this weekend…went to see mom and found that my grandfather is truly 93, if you know what I mean. Just a lot of crap. Most of which would be fine if I could take a step without 7-10 level pain. Yeah…poor, pitiful me. Lol…oh, brother.

I haven’t slept, for the most part, since Friday night. An hour here or there, but that’s about it. I have this thing in my head about taking naps during the day. I won’t do it. But that went out the window today. I napped all morning, and actually went to bed around three this afternoon. I needed to go to town, but was too sleepy to drive. But I did hop in the truck to check the mail. It was so hot,  but it felt so good to my body that I laid down in the front seat and soaked up the heat. It was like being wrapped in a heating pad. So…take a note, fibro folks! It’s awesome!

Anyway, in spite of my request to be left alone, Exish had to call and dump his problems in my lap. I lost my fucking mind! I am tired of being Mommy. Shit, dude…handle your business! I’m trying to manage to stand long enough to Fi dishes without a two hour recovery period to follow.

Ok…bitch and moan session over. I’m going back to bed. I have plans for tomorrow that I really want to do. Mom sent me home from our visit with some beautiful things for the house and I want to get this place put together. Plus, some regular business to take care of. Come Hell or high water, tomorrow’s gonna be a productive day. Final answer.

Adios, y’all!

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