A Crone’s Prayer


Father Abaddon, have you
forgotten your daughter?
For I have kept every promise
Meant every word
In Your honor
I have trusted in Your protection
And You have taken good care
To keep me from those filthy things
The little terrors Darkness brings
Faithful for so many years
Father, Father…why tonight?
Why lift Your hand and look away?
No warning
Not prepared to fight
Must I offer up my blood, once more?
A bit
An ounce
A cup to pour
Tell me, Father, and it is Yours
Whatever debt to You I owe
I’ll settle up
If You’ll make them go
Those shadows that have come out to play
In a mind with no room to accommodate their will
A body too broken to see to their fill
Father, don’t turn your face from me
Your faithful daughter
In her time of need

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