Trust Me…

Woke up to a lengthy text from Exish. He says he won’t be leaving till late this evening and won’t be home till late tonight. I think it’s funny. I know damn good and well what time he’ll be here. Late afternoon, at the latest.

Since the day we met, I’ve never lied or cheated on the man. Even during the last five years, when I’ve been free to date due to our separation, I’ve always let him know what I was doing because I like living an honest life. Yet every time he goes out of town, he does these surprise returns as though he’s going to catch me doing something. I’m not sure what since, again, I’m free to do as I please.

I sometimes wonder what he thinks he’ll find me doing. Throwing an orgy? Hosting a Klan meeting, replete with fresh cookies and indulgences to be eaten prior to the cross lighting? Maybe he thinks he’ll find a line of men at the door, each begging for my hand in marriage….me waving one after another off in sheer disgust as I await my Galahad.

The last time he pulled this, he nearly got shot. After telling me he’d be home the next day from a job up north, he showed up at three the morning before, beating on the door and yelling for me, who was awoken out of a dead sleep, to open up. The man ain’t no genius.

Anyway …I better get going. Gonna take a nap before the orgy…lol!

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