No Rest For The Unusually Interesting

I don’t really sleep when I sleep. I live. I think that’s probably when I get the most out of life, actually. I scream out bloody truth…I laugh and cry…walk, eat…sing. I can speak Mexican when I’m asleep, and often dream in Mexican, although I can barely muster a word when I’m awake. It seems silly, but that’s who I am.

Exish came to Mom’s to stay for work. He has taken over my Princess Room, thank you very much. (The actual Princess is NOT pleased). Last night was the first night I shared a bed with him in months and months. I generally prefer to sleep alone. It cuts down on the uncomfy words that are so often exchanged between us when we are in bed together. Words like ‘NO!’ and ‘Please!’. (I’m the ‘NO!’, he’s the ‘Please!’). Unfortunately, I did talk in my sleep a bit last night, but Exish was so happy that I had nowhere else to sleep, he was nice about it and was just a big ol snuggle bunny.

Tonight, I went up to bed shortly after Exish. He was watching Netflix and I laid down and chatted on FaceBook. When it was time, I turned out the light, and we both went to sleep. A short time later, apparently I began yelling very loudly. Cursing and threatening some phantom. Exish woke me up, I stopped. A few short minutes drifting back into the fog of sleep, the yelling began, again. I was screaming and striking out, speaking Mexican for a bit, then back to English, on and on. Exish went nuts. I felt him push my right shoulder really hard…it woke me up. He was yelling at me and I felt really disoriented. I told him I wouldn’t talk in my sleep anymore, but tried to explain what he already knows: Anyone who talks and carries on in their sleep has no control over it. BECAUSE THEY’RE ASLEEP.

It felt like a bit of time went by before he woke me up again. This time, he was in a rage because I had been laughing in my sleep. He said I wouldn’t stop and that nobody in the house would be able to sleep if I didn’t. He kept yelling at me and stomping around the room. Again, I was still a bit out of it, and tried to explain, but all I could do was apologize and told him I’d go downstairs. That really set him off and he said that HE was going downstairs. I was feeling like he was trying to fuck with my head as the ‘No, I will’ debate went on for at least five minutes as he grew more and more angry. And I mean…he was PISSED! Oh, my! lol!

He finally got his boots on and stomped down the stairs. I, of course, followed. I was wide awake, as well, and figured I’d sign on and do THIS for a bit. I hear him stirring again, so I assume I’m about to have another lovely visit from Mr. Wonderful. That’s okay, he’ll be my second visitor. Mom’s office area is next to the kitchen. My brother has been creeping around there for a good half hour now. I shined my flashlight on him. He stood still, as though I couldn’t see him were he still enough. (This is my schizophrenic brother). I feel a bit off kilter because of it. I don’t know if he’s going to fly out of the kitchen and bite my ears off, or pet me like a kitten. My money is on him biting my ears off. Don’t ask me why…it’s just a hunch.


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