Evening Glows

Here in Mayberry, the evening sun has chosen the most delicate golden hue in which to bathe its adoring fans. Flowers, weeds, birds and varmints, all stand in awe of that flaming orb in the sky, as do I. Each sunrise here is its own blessing, and sunset, all the more sweet. How could anyone not adore this place?

Soon, darkness will fall. The porch light went out and I haven’t replaced it yet. I like it like that, actually. You look out into the pitch of night and you feel as though you’re wrapped in black velvet. There are sounds of my little neighbors who still forage around in the night, and frogs, of all things. Lots of frogs. Once they begin their nighttime cacophony, one can barely make out another sound.

The entire scenario leaves me overwhelmed with gratitude and in awe of the real world…the natural world. It is a world that no man’s hand can create, nor mind conceive. It is both beautiful and brutal and so much bigger than me or any human being. It is a finely tuned ecomachine that exists, if only, to exist. It was here when we got here, and it will be here long after you and I are nothing more than dust. Perfection!




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