big ol nuts

My brother, K, is bipolar schizophrenic. He ain’t nothin nice, either, unless he forces himself to be. At this time, he’s fully delusional 24/7. He currently lives with our mother, who he has hit, (did a short time in county jail for that), shoved into a cabinet in her own kitchen, and has basically taken over her life. This morning, she texted me that she’s giving him an ultimatum: Get help, or get out.

In Texas, the laws that govern the mentally ill work against them as much as for them. Actually, they only work for people who aren’t actually ill, but who someone wants to have locked up. This type of abuse of the mental health system is one reason that it has changed so drastically in the last twenty years. Couple that with the general public’s collective delusion that the mentally ill ‘just need a lil help’, and, if you live with a seriously mentally ill person, or care about one, you’re screwed. The only options you have are ultimatums or seeking a conservatorship that costs five thousand dollars. Should you be appointed the sick person’s keeper, you are responsible not only for their care, but for any felonious behavior they might participate in, up to and including, homicide. They are, in the eyes of the law, little more than human Pit Bulls.

I’m sick and tired of people’s attitudes about the mentally ill. Most think that the term refers to harmless simpletons who wouldn’t hurt a fly. In MANY cases, the opposite is true and the ones caring for them out of love are often times putting their lives at risk to do so. My brother is a bomb waiting to go off. When he does…when the voices finally give him the go-ahead…there will be extreme fallout. It pisses me off because local authorities know, the mental health deputies know, neighbors know. Yet, my mother still has to feel ashamed to wash her hands of a man who she doesn’t know, even though he occupies her son’s body and has openly stated that he wants to kill her.

It’s time for the public to grow up and stop the hypocrisy about mentally ill. People will drive past a bum and make snide remarks but, chances are, at least one of those people you see a day is mentally ill. You gonna stop and clean them up and ‘help’ them? Hell no. Because you can clearly see that they are not able to fit in with society, much less you and your lil family. You see someone like my brother, clean and always dressed well, and you think he’s just a big ol teddy bear, so childlike and precious…God bless him and his defective mind. Guess what? That big ol teddy bear would drop your ass like a rock if you touch him. Because he thinks you’re a demon. That’s why. Nobody touches my brother. Nobody. And that’s no shit.

I guess I’ll finish up this rant. I’m just so upset by things right now. I wish my brother was normal, like my other brother, but he’s not. Never has been, really.

3 thoughts on “big ol nuts

  1. The system is broken. It’s almost impossible to find good help even if you have insurance, and if you don’t, the best you’ll find is being secured in John Peter Smith for a few days until they think they can legally flush you out. (I had a brother off the deepend once.)

    I feel your pain and I wish there was a good answer. 😦 Hugging your heart.

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    1. Thank you. I truly believe people need to get real about the situation. My brother has been sick for about 15 years now. Will not take meds. It’s a mess. I’m sorry about your brother. I hope things lined out for him and your family.

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      1. It was a temporary thing with him after being dosed at the rainbow gathering by some douchbag. (Temporary psychosis that lasted months. Left him different but fully functional.)

        It is a mess, yes. Insurance?


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