midnight ramble


If I tried too hard
It was because I love you
Still do
But if loving you
Means I let you hurt me
I can’t
It’s my problem
Never yours
You aren’t the one who made me this way
You’re just like him
And it’s my fault
Because I’m that woman
Who loves without motive
Or agenda
I am a woman who believes
With her whole heart
That love is worth it
And it’s beautiful
And full of hope and dreams
So I don’t watch out
For men like you
Who have shattered egos to avenge
Or hearts so cruel I cringe
To think that I let you in
My heart
My head
That I allowed you to define me
Me…a fool for love
Craving to care
Wanting to please
In your selfish world
None of those things
One, or all
Is never enough to light the darkness
That dwells within you

6 thoughts on “midnight ramble

      1. Xox having lived through the worst kinds of pain myself, and being an empath, means that I’m naturally inclined to feel other’s ouchies strongly. I wish I could help you speed through the healing process, and can’t, but I can say say “I see you.” And I do.

        You’re worthy of love and happiness. Be kind to yourself. Do the things that bring you peace and allow yourself to grieve when you need to. Take care of your tender inside parts, always.

        I hope you find restful peaceful sleep.

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