factitional factiod/FUCK THE BLM

The air was hot and muggy today, even here in Mayberry. It felt pregnant with the weight of death after the officer assassinations in Dallas, a few hours away. What, if anything, it all means is impossible for me to say. This is Texas. It’s my home. I don’t appreciate the cowardly acts of a few deranged blacks, and I’m dying inside for the family, loved ones and friends of the victims.

As a mother, I want to scream. I want to DO something productive to stop the furtherance of the BLM and their reign of terror all in the name of payback. They aren’t fooling anyone within these walls. If they’re fooling you, you need to get your head checked.

I grew up in bars. One was VFW Post 653. My grandfather, who raised me, was a WW2 combat Marine. He and the other older men spent whole days reliving the war. They’d also make their predictions for the United States. Being as young as I was, I could not understand how the things they spoke about could ever happen. Since I was raised a Texas nationalist, I certainly did not think any of those things could happen on Texas soil. This is Holy Ground to me. Home base, not it! Those are the motherfucking rules.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that Texas doesn’t have her share of nut cases and loose cannons. It wouldn’t be Texas were that not true. But what we’re seeing now are people bringing their bullshit in from other countries, states and wherever. And we’re footing the bill and smiling while they fuck us dry in the ass. I don’t think that dam’s gonna hold for much longer. I can’t throw a rock and hit someone who hasn’t had their fill of this bullshit.

The case that started this happened in Louisiana. I’ve watched the video a hundred times, and cried every one. A man died. With a fist sized hole in his chest, reaching out to something unseen before giving up the ghost. The cops swears, “Oh, fuck!”, as he scoots away. The other cop grabs at the dead man’s pocket. No gun. In my opinion, as a mom and Jane Doe civilian, it was a bad kill. But, in my mind, who needs to be blamed is the person who made the phony 911 call. Because THAT person said there was a big black man waving a gun around in the parking lot. Yet, not one other person saw it. The cops came in hot, as they should have, considering the suspect could have put the gun down by that time, or still have access to it. They never realized they’d been duped. I bet the big black dude in the parking lot didn’t know he was a mark, either. Even so, this small group came together, each surprised and uncertain and full of adrenaline, two performing their duty, one, just chillin. Minutes later, one was dead, the lives of the white officers are basically over, and now there are five dead in Dallas, two more in Atlanta, I believe, and numerous others injured. And the BLM has the audacity to say Fuck The Police?

Someone needs to tell those motherfuckers that more whites are killed by cops each year than blacks. Blacks kill more white folks, but not more than they kill each other. If we’re going to break it all down like that, people need to start doing their fucking homework. It’s out of hand and is only going to get worse via the media based BLM propaganda machine. White people need to lose the white guilt and stop feeling sorry for blacks. They have as much of a shot as my kids did, or me. So fuck ya’ll who believe the myth of white privilege. I say White Pride, World Wide. I didn’t not so long ago. But now…done deal. I don’t care to be called a racist. I’m no more racist than any black person out there. I am, however, a proponent for the preservation of my race. It’s natural. Look it up. And, if whites don’t get their shit together, we only have ourselves to blame.
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