Earlier, I said that, after every FB post I make, I was going to end with the words ‘White Love, White Unity’. I feel those things are important and that a desire to see one’s own race be a cohesive group, full of love and respect, is not a bad thing. If I did not feel that way, I’d never suggest that I did, considering the backlash some get for sentiments such as that nowadays. However, I’m not sure that white folk are as encouraged by slogans as blacks are when they hear Black Power!, or Mexicans when they hear Viva La Raza!. I think white folks just tend to roll their eyes and look the other way till you’re over it. There are probably lots of reasons for this. The primary one being mixed families. Mine is mixed to Hell and back. Black to white and all things in between. And we love each other. And we are not ashamed of how we feel about our racial heritageS. I think that’s healthy. While my side of the family is almost all French, English and Irish, there are entire quadrants of our family who are black. Then there’s my son’s who are also part Cajun, via their father, and, they share a slave super great granny with me. The one cohesive thing about my family is that we’re all Southern, by God’s grace, no doubt. In short, we’ve shared a lot of the ins and outs of color…the good and the bad. It’s called LIFE. Hello?

Personally, I was raised by racists. Not just a label, in this case. Real ones. But, it was back in the day and I understand the source of their feelings. I ended up with a Polish best friend whose mother taught me about life and different people and softened my heart a lot. Enough to stop saying Nigger all the time, that’s for sure. (I refuse to call it the ‘N’ word. That just embarrasses all involved.). The thing is, we all grow and change. But, one thing that hasn’t changed is the division in the white community.

The white community is seriously divided. We’ve always been that way. Primarily, we divide along class and financial lines. So divided are we that, should a Good Shepard rise up to lead us, the rest of us would bind him up and toss him to the wolves. That’s how bad it is. It’s disgusting. On a daily basis, we try to outdo each other. Some say that’s a gene we’ve come by that inherently brings about progress. I call b.s. on that line of thought. Do I really need to highlight evidence? I think not. We are often polarized about race, as well. Nobody wants to the the ‘racist’. It seems to me that most whites, and I do mean MOST, suffer from white guilt, which is an outrage and a mental disease, in my book. Why aren’t other races called to task on slavery? All have participated in it. Muslims and Africans still participate in it today. Why do you think American blacks who claim to get such a bad deal here aren’t flocking back to Mother Africa? Neither are the illegal immigrants who come from Mexico and down in South America. But, they hate it here, and they hate white people. Hmmmm. Curious thing, that.

As we draw nearer a time when nature, itself, would dictate to any wild species that it should get together as one, whites are further apart than ever. I think it’s very sad. I think it’s sad that the BLM can march murderously through the streets and get the same pat on the head one might give a mentally challenged person for stacking blocks, while police kill whites and hispanics more often than blacks, yet nobody says a word, much less, marches.Well..that would make us racists…throwbacks of the old Klan days. Oh…speaking of…the Klan can’t even hold a tiny march without getting pummeled with rocks, bricks and fecal matter. As far as I know, they’ve yet to assassinate any police officers or random blacks because of it, or because a white guy got shot and killed by cops. Like the one yesterday. Unarmed, yada yada. You’ve heard it before, but only with a black face on it.

I’m just fucking disgusted with the whole thing. I have not been this concerned about racial behavior since my sons were babies. It seems like we should all have the same freedoms, but we don’t. And not in the way the media portrays it. Anyway, I’m through blowing off steam. But I’m not through trying to get people to understand that we, as whites, need to find a way to truly unite. It’s imperative that we don’t put it off.

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