silly sunday sing song


what is wrong

my love, my dear

your expression is a little queer

have you not the stomach for

my blade, the scarlet, and the more

shall i stop this dance i’ve let you see

my sacred act of debauchery

or will you venture there with me

you silly, silly, boy


once i had a blade so sharp

a blade that left such lovely marks

tiny criss crosses and drippity drops

it always made me smile

then, one day, it was lost to me

and took away my sanguine dance

till out of nowhere it appeared

to give me one more precious chance


don’t be afraid oh, love of mine

what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine

at least it will be so, in time

if you should love me, too

it isn’t very much to ask

that you join in this sacred task

and remain with me, until the last

you silly, silly, boy


all is fair in love and war

at least that’s what they say

there will be nothing fair between we two

should you come to stay

if i am not a queen to you

i’d rather remain alone and true

to what i need, my baby blue

i’m sure you’ll understand

if not, allow me to show you the door

one you’ve met many times before

but when it’s closed this time i’ll lock it

and keep, for myself, the key

when you finally come back ’round

no one will greet you with the sound

of love in her voice

and joy in heart

you’ll simply stand and indulge the silence

of a love that you mistook for violence

you silly, silly, boy

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