a sing song for father


Mother always said light dispels darkness
But there is no light in me
It was spilled and splattered
Here and yon
When I was a child, so wee
Part of it went to the crows in the field
Some, to the eagle that soared
Went most of my light
To the Dragon, dread
As He feasted upon His reward
Mother o’mine
Please know I don’t mean
A single slight against you
For, since the day you finally saw me
You’ve been my Mother, true
But, Father, Father, could it be
That your sin has found its way to me
Now here I am, your rainy day
I hope it’s one for which you saved
I bet you’d give a penny for my thoughts
Best make that a pound
Old filthy man, I can’t be bought
You’d know that, had you come around
Now that I’ve found you, what’s your intent
Will you throw me to the wolves, again
Can you not see, as mortal man
Your daughter’s blood upon your hands
Did you think I’d let you slip away
To find your solace in the grave
Did you think that years would ease this pain
That I’d not look your way, again
Old fool, you should have known
That the bloodthirsty, sorry, seed you’ve sown
Would come back ’round and make you her own
Skin like butter, heart like stone…

~Blood by blood
Until it sleeps
A promise made
Is one to keep~

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