Come Back For Me

​Come back to me, love

In my dreams

As I sleep in the night

Take your place at my side

Hold me

If only for a moment

Come back to me love

Because I’m breaking

Repair me one last time

Then take your leave 

Come back to me, love

The heavens don’t need you as much as I

This world wasn’t meant to walk through alone

Come back to me, love

I see your shadow 

Just beyond my sight

I feel your cold dead hand in mine

I can’t take this pain

You’ve left me with

Come back for me, love

3 thoughts on “Come Back For Me

  1. 😦

    He’s there. Only now he isn’t a frail and broken human, given to the ravages of ego and pain. Now he’s a perfect being and above it all. He can and will come to you, and it’s beautiful that you’re open to that comfort. I relate to this so much. I called on my husband in the same way, and he does still visit when I need him most.

    I’m wrapping you up in love. You are amazing.


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