It’s Just That…

I feel like a star that has, finally, burned out. No shine left to share as the vantablack of she, who is me, absorbs any light that touches. Come close, love, and I will mute your ferocity, as well. 
There are memories that abide within. Things which haunt, tease, and torment. It is too much to ask that I put you before them, for they’ve been with me much too long. Though it feels as such, it is untrue that I’m vacant inside. It’s just that what fills my heart and soul is dark beyond perception, and cruel beyond reason. Why would you want such a creature in your life? I am the monster in your dreams, look closely, love…

In conversations, most intimate, you tell me the sweetest things…candy for the longing heart. You say, in whispers and heavy breath, that I’m a drug you can’t get enough of…a mystery that you must solve. Bound by glorious beginnings, you deny yourself the clarity to understand the logical end of us:

Like the drug that brings a smile today, I’ll devour your tomorrow. And the mystery that you long to solve only ends in sorrow. For having loved the likes of me, your heart will, surely, broken be. And for every single laugh we shared, a bit of you will live on there. There is no reward, nor is there cure, for loving a heart that’s so unpure. 

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