Life Sentences

*The night is fascinating, particularly in how it disguises carnal indulgence with its silken grace. All is forgiven, come first light. 

*The way the angels and demons war all around us, yet very few ever notice, is a testament to the fall of man as spirit. The vessel has become more important than that which it contains, and what pleasures the vessel, all the more so.

*I often dread visiting my mother. She is my best friend, but she is the hurricane and I am the shoreline. I’m in awe of her. I doubt I’ll live long enough to become half the woman she is. I’ve never known a stronger person. 

*It sickens me to know gay people who stay closeted, but go on and have families. They are possibly the most vile, cunning, and manipulative degenerates on planet Earth. That’s what I intended to tell my biological father the first time we met. However, he had created such a masterpiece of familial bliss with his third new family that I simply had no heart to say the words. That was more than two decades ago. I haven’t spoken to him since. What does that say about me?

*I once saw the son of a friend on the TV show, COPS. It was hilarious. I’ve always been secretly grateful that my own son has not made an appearance on that show…

*I do not understand why I mourn the loss of my late husband. When people leave prison, do they mourn their keepers? 

*The glare of day is beginning to wane, just a bit, as the sun delicately exits the stage. 

*I was once invited to attend a blood bath in Dallas, but my cheating husband was against it. He said it was sinful. 

*I don’t think I’ll ever be in love again. 

*Things between Bennie and I were terrible when he died. Even so, his death was the single most important event of my life. Except for the moment I fell in love with him. Sometimes, it’s as though nothing happened between those two points. 

*Fucking Valentine’s Day…

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