…cry, and you cry alone 

Mind races, heart aches
Deep into the night when all seems quiet

A rage builds within my exhausted mind

Life isn’t fair…it was never meant be

And, so, I’ve not once asked that of Life, or God, or of any person I’ve known

But I’m tired now

I feel broken and weak and lost

My heart no longer cries out for love 

Except to conjure imaginations of you that come alive in the night 

What I seek is peace while, still, I live 

…for a single day not tainted by your memory

I’m thinking of you now

As rain taps at my window and thunder rolls through an unforgiving sky 

In this beautiful place you left behind, I am quiet and I am listening

Waiting for the answers to questions long forgotten 

Tears flowing, I’m breathless

As I consider the reality of who you were 

Who I was

And why I can’t let you go 

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