Word Vomit Sing Song

If blood need be, there will be

Liquid lust, a scarlet hue

Shared from one, between the two

Entranced by Life’s essence

So delicious on my tongue

As shadows fall upon your face, and mine

In Darkness, we are one

My adoration need not be spoken aloud 

For your gift, my love, is pure

You present to me, a bond, unbroken

Forever to endure 

As these lines fall from my pen 
My mind is racing with the thought

That, though your flesh has taken leave

Your ruby gift has not

And though I may never find

Another with whom to share

Our sacred ritual, profane…divine

One day I’ll meet you there

In that place where ancients roam

Where dwell the Council, Three 

I’ll take my place at your side, once more

Throughout eternity 

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