I Wonder…

I feel so very small tonight. Experiencing my place in this universe to the fullest, I find that I envy you, as you occupy The Vast Eternal. No limits placed upon you, you have freedom like nothing in this tiny world. 

I find myself wondering what you must know now. Are you behind the Pearly Gates of Heaven? Have you stood before the Most High God and received your forgiveness? Or are you confined behind the Bloody Gate, begging Abaddon for his favor? 

I’ve seen your likeness, in the night, yet you are never alone. To your left, two brings stand, and I notice that you stand comfortably in their presence. The three of you stare down at me until I scream that you’re not welcome here. Then, the being, farthest right, turns to leave. His partner and you follow. I’m left to wonder what it means. Imaginations seize my brain as I beg my eyes to forget what they’ve seen. 

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