Weed People

I’m so fuckin tired of the big legalization of weed push. Yeah, it make you feel better…it helps with a lot of peoples’ pain. I get it. But, it doesn’t help with mine. You know what does? Alcohol. Plain and simple. 

For some reason, when I drink, it interacts with my pain meds and kicks em up a dozen notches. Plus, it makes me feel like a whole person. It’s the only thing that fills that spot, right at the place your ribs meet. It’s a physical, spiritual, and emotional void, that manifests in that exact location, that nothing but alcohol can fill. 

I don’t drink very often. I’m always concerned about needing to drive. I guess it’s a throwback emotion from when my boys were young and I might have to pick them up from a friend’s house at the spur of the moment. I also despise drunk, and high, drivers and what they do to innocent people. I will not ever be counted among them. Personally, I’m for the death penalty after three DUIs. Three times is plenty, thank you very much. After that, it’s beyond obvious that you could give a shit about human life. In short: FUCK YOU

In any case, I think that, if the government has to accommodate potheads, that it should do the same for chronic pain sufferers who get relief from alcohol. Provide them with weed…provide me with a driver. It’s pretty simple, that. Or, if you don’t want to help me out, at least don’t make me into some sort of “aholic” because you don’t see the legitimacy in my predicament. 

I guess that’s about all I have to say about it. 


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