The Sun Shines On Both The Good And The Wicked 

After so many lovely grey days, the morning sun has risen with a happy vengeance. The air, cool and still, brings the sounds of happy birds to my ears. As much as I adore my grey days, even I must admit that this very sunny morning is worth waking up to. 

I’m watching Drugs Inc. An irritated policeman is raging on, justifiably so, about twelve year olds with bullets in them. It is the world we live in. But, it’s always been. And, I’d bet most of those kids he’s talking about died with a gun in their hand. Not all young people are children. 

I had a friend when I was growing up. His name was Kevin. His step dad was a big hoochie cooch with a one percent MC. When we were around fifteen, Kevin started talking about patching up. A couple of years went by and, sure enough, he became a prospect. He was happy as if he had good sense. I think he figured they’d go a lil easier on him because of his dad. But, that was not the case. Kevin got sent on a run up to Tennessee with a bro. Long story short: What was supposed to be a simple robbery turned into a double murder. Kevin got life. 

When I remember Kevin, I think about us sneaking beers out behind his dad’s bar. I remember how wild he was. All the other kids thought he was just dirty white trash, but I found him absolutely fascinating. He was such a wild thing, never really meant for this world. Not everyone is, you know. He may have done a terrible thing for a stupid reason, but I’ll always keep a place in my heart for Kevin. And, part of me will forever envy him. 

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