Tuesday Morning Sanguine Singsong 

…and the answer came on angel’s wings

As she wondered what she should do

With lust in her heart, she took her blade and took part

Dancing, in a Hell built for two

As she gazed into his eyes, it was no surprise

That he did not recall who she was

The music played on, and they danced until dawn

Then she did what she went there to do

Oh, the look on his face when she took out her blade

And drew it across his throat

In a heartbeat he learned that he should have been more concerned

On that night, so long ago

After he fell, she took time to kneel

At the side of this wicked man

Recalling the night he threw her to the wolves

Turned his back, not raising a hand 

She leaned in close, her lips to his

In that moment, she stole his last breath

Then he grabbed her hand, this treacherous man

As he watched her witness his death 

Then angel wings fluttered, close, at her back

Pushing her off to the side

Birds of a feather, together they laughed

On the night a wicked man died

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