Title Not Necessary 

It’s a quiet morning. Heavy grey skies wait for just the right moment to set free the rain, much like the town gossip holds a secret. I sit here, staring through the window, eagerly awaiting the downpour that is sure to come. 

A bright red Cardinal visits every day. He bathes in the birdbath on the patio. He stopped by earlier. He seemed to be showing the female, that accompanied him, where the facilities are. He perched on a planter near the window while she inspected the bath. She seemed to approve. He flew away after a minute, or two, but she saw me inside and became curious. A pane of glass must be a very odd thing to such a smart lil lady, and she flew over to the planter by the window to investigate. She peered through the glass, looking here and there. She seemed to be wondering what sort of person would allow their nest to be in such disarray. She stayed quite a while, inspecting…judging…then, her wings began their flutter as she rose just enough to tap the window with a dainty beak before flying away. I caught her perched at my window a few minutes later, watching. She’s smart, that one. Fearless, too. I like her.

I’m unsure what will come of this day. I haven’t left the house in a week…maybe longer. Hell, I’m not even sure what day it is. Honestly, I could sit right here, and watch the comings and goings of the birds and critters, all day long. 

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