Nightfall In Mayberry 

It’s been a long, strange, day. I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s slightly different in the atmosphere here in Mayberry…in my little universe. Something quietly ominous tinges the evening air, lending a weight to it that I’m not accustomed to. 

I feel a bit unhinged lately, anyway. Things in my life are very off kilter. I keep comparing myself to an old version of me, and I realize I could never live up to those standards now. I wish I could forget old things and embrace change. I admire those types who run, arms open, into life. Why are they like that? It’s difficult to understand. Perhaps we simply see life differently. Or, maybe, there are so many parallel universes stacked on top of each other that our difference in perception comes from occupying two different worlds, altogether, simultaneously. 

Sometimes, I wish I could skip worlds. Start over as myself, but a better version. If I could create a new me, I’d make sure to equip myself with memories that leave when it’s their time…a heart that can’t be broken and eyes that won’t cry. I’d give myself one superpower. That would be the power to freeze the best times, so that I could relive them whenever I’d like. That would be perfect. 

I guess I’ll eat supper and take a shower. It’s getting late in the evening and night has settled in. I think that I’ll embrace it, as it is, and try to leave this feeling in my gut for tomorrow. 

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