Scarlet Night

There are times when night wraps itself around this place like a mink stole, draped about the shoulders of an old school beauty queen. It quiets my soul and I allow myself to lean into its comfort. Eyes closed, I recall those things that once pleased me. I’m caught up in memories of you…

It feels as though forever lives behind closed eyes. My mind, a slave to memories and imaginations, cannot define where you end, and I begin. Not as much soul mates as we are familiars, still we dance on throughout time, as though we never parted…as though no one else ever existed. Behind us, a backdrop of velvety scarlet punctuates the cravings within us. Shadow upon shadow dancing at our side, we move on through the night. 

Eyes open to the beat of my racing heart. Your scent lingers as though you were really there. I rise and draw tight the blinds, returning to my bed, praying for visions of you. They won’t come to me by day; they never do. So, with a sigh, I begin the waiting for another scarlet night with you.

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