Etc., And So On…

I’ve spent far too much time on FB today, reading about almost nothing but strife between the races. Per my norm, I don’t attack individuals, but I do ask a lot of questions. This is always met with racists, blacks, Mexicans, and whites who wish they were any race but white. Liberals, one and all. 

Most of my FB friends know I had two extra sons who were black. One was an addict, the other was mentally ill, but he was a thinker. I hate to say that, of the two, the one I loved most was D, the thinker. And I really hate to consider that he and I would have been on opposite sides of this racial situation. D was proud to be southern, extremely proud of his Texas roots, but I think he’d be an the side of Antifa. 

D passed away two years ago, last Halloween. One car fatality accident. His beautiful wife died one month before him, on the same road, in the exact same way. D and I had a lil fallout before he died. It was over a racial issue. We only talked a few times after. I’ll go to my grave hating myself for that. I shouldn’t have taken such offence to what he’d said. All this chatter on FB, of all things, reminds me that two people who love one another, like family, can be separated over things like race and politics. Sometimes, that idea is more than I can bear. 

I think I’m going to avoid FB politics for a little while. Just stay in my lane…a lane which is not occupied by psychotic liberals. The people in my lane are good hearted and kind and funny; they’re people I would like to meet, one day. 

I must admit to being caught by surprise by the way liberals behave now. When I was young, they wanted peace and freedom. Today, they’re tyrannical and violent. That’s what happens when you praise everything a child does, and don’t enforce any discipline, while raising that child in a culture that has become almost completely amoral. I used to feel sorry for liberals, until they showed us who they really are in the hateful, fascist, children they raised. It’s quite clear that they are so accustomed to following the crowd that most aren’t even sure what they hate. But, hate they do! We’ll have to wait and see how well that works out for em…

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