revelation by morning’s light

Have you ever realized how tiny your world is? In the flow of billions of lives, yours is simply slipped into an open spot. The flow continues on, oblivious to your presence. Uninterrupted. 

We awaken, each morning, to a sun that informs us that it’s daytime. We sleep when it falls from the sky. Between those points, we toil. We do things which allow us to continue within the flow. Working for money to feed into a system that would run just as well without us. Yet, we allow ourselves to believe that our money gives us a certain status within the flow; that it elevates our value. What an extremely human thing it is to imagine that we are of any value, whatsoever, in the never ending flow. 

As days come and go, we age out of the flow. At last, attaining a bit of wisdom. Wisdom that allows us to step away, and consciously  observe the ceaseless push of Life. It seems as though it always comes too late, that. By the time we recognize our place, as tiny and unimportant as it is, the flow begins to pass us with the momentum of times, long past, propelling it ever forward. 

In our last days, when the sun is dim to our eyes, we understand that we could have stepped away from the flow any time we’d wanted, had we only had the courage to do so. We watch, as it continues on, right before our eyes. We see our children, and theirs, having taken their place in the mighty river of humanity, and we tell them what we’ve learned, and we pray that they find the courage that we never found. But the flow is raging on, and they are happily caught within it. Like us, they are hopeful, and overtaken by the urge to elevate themselves above the others. They value reality as they perceive it, blissfully unaware that they, too, are but a tiny speck, caught up in that which younger hearts cannot perceive and that older hearts cannot bear. 

I realize that this thought is neither new, nor original. It is what it is: The first time that my eyes, heart, and soul, have had the courage, at long last, to step away. It is my time to observe. In short days, it will be my time to move on, offering up my place to the next human to fill it.

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