I’m no good with titles. 

The night descends, showing itself as a Dark angel. He drapes tired wings over all that is within his domain. The angel watches, he does. There is no thing allowed to breach that to which he has laid claim. 

Unable to resist curiosity, I peered out of my bedroom window. Eyes adjusting to the Darkness, they gorged upon the Hellish wonder before them. I simply could not believe that, at last, I could see what my heart told me had been there, all along. I was captivated by this thing that is, yet never was, before this magical night.

As I continued to stare, the angel grumbled a bit. In an instant, he turned his head and caught my stare. He did not look away, nor did he seem angry. His giant face moved close to my window. His eyes were vantablack and I could not read them as they stared into mine. Even so, heart racing, I felt a stirring in my soul, and I knew that I’d never be the same. I had finally met a being with a heart as Dark as my own…

When the angel finally turned away, I noticed things rustling about in his feathered wings. He shrugged his shoulders to settle them. It was then  I realized that beneath each feather, a secret slept. There were the secrets of the ancient, of the modern…the deepest secrets of the heart of man. Shock came over me as I realized that the angel hid my secrets, too. Still at my window, I looked away, much too afraid to see them for what they were; to see the worry on my father’s face, borne of guilt and fear that he carries to this day…Fear that the living manifestation of his darkest secret would, one day, tell his tale. 

Suddenly, there was a tap at my window. A giant hand motioned for me to open it, and I did. Then I heard a voice say, “Come rest with me.” I climbed out of my window and into his hand. Gently, the angel tucked me under a beautiful feather, that I might take my place among the secrets.

Feeling as though I was home, at last, I curled up and drifted off to sleep, happily knowing that my father’s secret would be forever kept, alongside my own.

The End 

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